Naman Sajan Piya Faculty

The disciples of Vidushi Lalith J Rao, are the recipients of Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan's legacy.  In accordance with the desire of their Guru Lalith ji to share this treasure with anyone who is interested, the disciples have recorded each composition under her careful guidance and supervision. These disciples are the faculty that will teach these compositions to students desirous of learning them either through Self Study Courses which are free, or through online interaction with a teacher.  

Tara Kini

Tara Kini is a consultant in Music and Education and an Advisor to the Shankar Mahadevan Academy. She has been training in music for 53 years, and with Vidushi Lalith J Rao for the last 12 years. She is receiving guidance in Dhrupad from the Gundecha Brothers.

Meera Sahasrabudhe

Meera Sahasrabudhe started her early music lessons from Shri Shende Bua followed by Shri Pangirkar Bua and Pt. Kane Bua Ichalkaranji. She has a Diploma in Hindustani classical music from Kolhapur University and received guidance from Vidushi Bharati Vaishampayan. She continues her music training from Pt. Parmeshwar Hegde and is now receiving guidance in the Agra Gharana style from Vidushi Lalith J Rao.

Niketa Lele

Niketa Lele is a graded artist of All India Radio in Hindustani classical and Natyasangeet categories. She is a former disciple of Pt Avinash Sahasrabudhhe and Pt Subhash Kashalkar, from Nagpur and currently, learning from Vidushi Lalith J Rao.

Bharathi Prathap

Bharathi Prathap is a senior disciple of Vidushi Lalith J Rao. She’s a graded artiste of the AIR and Doordarshan and performs regularly.

Manohar Patwardhan

Manohar Patwardhan is a software engineer by profession and learns vocal music from the doyenne of the Agra Gharana, Vidushi Lalith J. Rao.

Lalitha Ramesh

Lalitha Ramesh has been in music since childhood. Initially trained by her father, Late Pt. D S Garud, she has been learning music from Vidhushi Lalith J Rao, for the last 7 years.

Deepa Karnad

Deepa is a Disciple of Vidushi Smt. Lalith J Rao for the last 12 years, and has been previously under the tutelage of Vidushi Veena Sahasrabudhe, Pt. Parameshwar Hegde and Pt. Baban Rao Haldankar.

Kailash Kulkarni

Kailash Kulkarni is a student of Vidushi Lalith J Rao for the last 6 years, imbibing the nuances of the Agra Gharana. He has learnt previously from late Pt. Narayanrao Bodas and late Pt. Vasantrao Phulambrikar from whom he learnt both Gwalior and Kirana styles respectively. He also has a Diploma in Hindustani Vocal from University of Mumbai. 

Mallika Kilpady

Mallika Kilpady, Sangeet Visharad, is trained under the Jaipur Atrauli and Agra Gharanas.  She teaches Classical and Semi Classical Vocal Music and regularly performs in India and UAE. She has lent playback music to TV serials and is a winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Zee Marathi.

Nishant Panicker

Nishant Panicker had his initial training in music from Pandit Rajeev Taranath at the age of nine. He has received taleem from Vidushi Lalith J Rao for the last 9 years. A student of the undergraduate programme in Science in Azim Premji University, Nishant also learns Kathak from Smt. Vibha Ramaswami.

Pratima Bellave

Pratima is a disciple of Vid. Lalith J Rao. She is pursuing music full time. She performs and teaches in Singapore, where she currently resides.