Naman Sajan Piya is a tribute to the rich legacy of Padmabhushan Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan. Created by Vidushi Lalith J Rao and her students in the memory of Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan and to preserve compositions from the Agra Gharana. This compendium consists of compositions faithfully and beautifully rendered by the disciples, along with excerpts of live recordings of a few of the compositions performed by Lalith J Rao herself in public concerts. 

Ustadji's Legacy

Padmabhushan Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan had an uncanny knack of composing beautiful madhyalaya and vilambit compositions in both common and aprachalit ragas of both the Agra and Atrauli gharanas, which display a delightful interplay of sur, bol and laya, at the same time meticulously maintaining the purity of the ragas. It was felt that the rich legacy left behind by the great ustad should be made available not only to the disciples of the gharana, but to all musicians and music lovers not just in India but all over the world. The ustad's prominent and favourite disciple Vidushi Lalith J Rao and her talented disciples have achieved this objective by bringing out this compendium of the ustad's compositions.

Lalith J Rao introduces the compendium of Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan's compositions
Jayavanth Rao describes the creation of the compositions 

Shankar Mahadevan introduces "Archive to Alive"

"Shankar Mahadevan Academy is striving to bring the works of great artists and their rare compositions to the world through it's project - "Archive to Alive". Often, these gems of creation get lost in time and forgotten. The Archive to Alive project, not only allows a way to archive these great works of art but also provides them to the public to listen and learn thus perpetuating the works generation after generation.

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